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Compassion Ministry


What is FCC’s Compassion Ministry?
This umbrella ministry includes the Care Ministry, Community Missions, and FCC Mobilization. Other ministries that are vital resources to the Compassion Ministry are current and emerging ministries like Biblical Counseling, Financial Peace University (FPU), ALPHA, and others.

SERVE coordinators act as a point of contact in Missional Communities for both the church at the Family of Families level and the Missional Community level. In this model, church ministry leaders contact the appropriate SERVE Coordinator to bridge the gap between a person in need and the Missional Community they live in, so that the Missional Community can be the focus of serving and loving the person or people in need. Likewise, when a Missional Community member identifies someone in their neighborhood who has a need that FCC can address with services, such as Biblical Counseling, FPU, ALPHA, etc., the SERVE Coordinator would be the Missional Community leader responsible for assisting in that transition.

How can someone at FCC get involved in being a part of Compassion Ministry?
If someone feels called to serve their neighbors or the community in this capacity, or if they simply wish to get involved with Compassion Ministries, contact Zach McCabe or Jean Klisiewicz.

What skills/roles are needed that volunteers could fill/help with?
All skills are needed from mentors to handyman and from food prep to finances.

The Ministry Contact for the Compassion Ministry is Karen Garden. You can reach her through the contact form for the Compassion Ministry or by phone at 715.220.2507

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